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Ex-Officer/Accused Murderer Rolfe: Welcome To The American Criminal Justice System

So today this ex-Atlanta PD officer Rolfe reported in to custody. Because...that's the way we treat most people in the country that are charged with murder...just let them just waltz in to the precinct. Right. If it were you or I, SWAT would have stormed in to our house...probably around 2 AM...with flash bangs.

Officer Rolfe Atlanta PD
Can I Get A Frosty Partner? Via TheIndependent

Hell In A Very Small Place

Texas Prison
Taking It Off Here Boss Via TexasTribune

I read that the Atlanta Police union wants "due process" for Rolfe. He will get his due process sure the American criminal justice system. Where murder cases can take 5 years or more to go to trial. Where people who get arrested for murder spend all those years locked up....prior to a trial...prior to a conviction...with everyone else...and treated the a convicted prisoner. I'll even go as far as to say that a jury may eventually acquit him. But at least he is being subjected to the same treatment as you or I would be if we were arrested for murder. Oh by the enforcement officers in prison...not pleasant. He can only hope to get put in solitary for the whole time. Solitary is full? Gulp...Due process? Sure. Atlanta PD... knock yourself out with that due process procedure. Do your year long investigation. Then stamp it a "justified kill.". That and two dollars will get you a bowl of soup. These law enforcement internal investigations are irrelevant anymore. At most it will be an exhibit at the trial, buried with all the other crap that these agencies produce. Everyone deserves their day in court in this country, and juries are normally reluctant to hold police officers to the same standard as you or I. Hopefully they will at least evaluate the information fairly.

Who Cares

Caddyshack Scene
The World Needs Ditch Diggers To! Via IMDB

So cops are quitting, calling in sick and ignoring calls...because they feel they "may be disciplined or arrested for just doing their job." Waaah. Fire their asses. The world needs ditch diggers to. If you don't feel you can adapt to the changes in your work environment...then it is time to move on. I am sure a fry cook at McDonalds has very minor changes in their work environment. Maybe these chuckleheads should be serving me fries instead of eating donuts on the taxpayer dollars.

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