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"Democracy In America Is Not Guaranteed": Who Cares?

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

Benjamin Franklin
Up To You Folks Via Wikipedia

I made the mistake of logging on to a mainstream media website and reading an article on the potential demise of democracy in America. "Democracy in America is not guaranteed" it screamed. What? Is that like..."nothing in life is guaranteed"? What the hell exactly is the point of a statement like that? Of course the current American form of government is not guaranteed...what in life is?

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If the democratic form of government in America fails, it's for a very simple reason: that's what Americans want. Don't blame the politicians. Don't blame mean old Trump. Blame the citizens. The Rome Republic lasted almost 500 years. The reason why it slipped in to a dictatorship...or how long it not important. The fact is that the Roman citizens allowed it to happen. They had a choice. Democracy's tend to be successful when there is a small upper class, a small lower class and a strong middle class. The Rome Republic eventually had a large poor class, a small upper class and virtually no middle class. When Augustus proclaimed himself an Emperor, the first thing he did was put the poor on the dole and start raiding the estates of the rich. And of course he took care of the legions. The vast majority of the Roman citizens were much better off under the dictators than they were during the democratic republic. Who the emperor was at the time did not really matter as long as they were taken care of.

Voter Suppression in US
I Said No Water Boy Via ABCNews

So if this country starts restricting basic democratic principles like voting, it's because that is what the people in those districts and states want. If you believe that a representative democracy reflects the will of the people, then that is what those representatives are doing when state legislatures restrict the ability to vote...they are reflecting the will of their constituents. The truth is, perhaps a large portion of Americans would like less democracy and more authoritarian rule. If that's the case, then so be it. Are these Americans stupid? Lazy?....hell if I know. Who's to say that democracy is something that the human race is willing to accept over the long term? Absolute monarchy's were successful for over 1500 years, and still exist today. At one point the Japanese, Italians and Germans felt that fascism was the answer. The poor Russians had to go from a ruthless absolute monarchy to totalitarian communism to whatever the hell form of government they have now. No wonder they have issues.

American and burger
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So if you are a big fan of democracy, great. I am. However, don't assume your neighbors are. If this country slides one way are the other it won't be the first, or last time it will happen in history. So instead of Americans squawking about the "demise of democracy"... do something about it...or go with the flow...or move to another country...just don't say and write stupid shit.

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