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American Mythologies Perpetuate Racial Divide

Horn Hat Guy
Coup Leader Via Twitter

I've stated numerous times that Americans are largely either undereducated, or if they have received a higher education, lack emotional intelligence. In order to be an informed citizen, that can think critically, both of these traits are required. Intelligence is understanding quantum physics. Emotional intelligence is understanding that the person you may be talking to doesn't give a shit about your understanding of quantum physics. People that are intelligent, but lack emotional intelligence, are susceptible to con artists and grifters, as they are unable to apply logic to the human condition. I have very little use for intelligent people, that lack emotional intelligence. These are the Mark Zuckerburg's, Ted Cruz's, Josh Hawley's of the world. They are usually selfish and narcissistic individuals. You may have family or friends that fall within this category. I would suggest you make better use of your time than engaging these individuals if at all possible.

Militia's In America Are Illegal

Trump and Putin
Good Job Piggy Via Medium

Virtually every state in the union has laws on the books that declare private militia's illegal. Besides the fact that they are all usually white, why the hell do governors and law enforcement allow them to exist in any fashion? Myth: The Second Amendment allows militia's. Wrong! The Second Amendment allows Congress to establish "a well regulated militia" subject to government oversight. Myth. Open carry gun states allow anyone to carry a weapon. Wrong! Individuals that are members of an illegal militia, that are carrying weapons as a group, are breaking the law. The group that occupied the Michigan capitol were breaking state law. Militia's that march or guard establishments are breaking the law. So why did the Michigan governor or law enforcement not arrest these individuals? You tell me? Better yet, ask your political leaders to answer the question. I would opine that the reason is that, in general, law enforcement supports militia activity. I would also say that proving in court that gun carrying individuals were acting as part of a militia is not easy, but people get arrested all the time for things that may not be easy to prove in court. The real answer is that there is no political will in this country to address the militia question, and it is a problem. It exacerbates the reality that privileged white people can do what they want and not worry about the consequences. This is the mind- set that allowed a bunch white domestic terrorists to storm the US Capitol. Black protestors loot and burn a shoe store and are met with rubber bullets, tear gas and batons. White terrorists storm the US Capitol, wreak destruction, and attempt a coup, and are waved in and take selfies.

It Gets Worse...

Capitol Hill Police
Thanks Bro Via MorningBulletin

A child could have seen that the events of 6 January were inevitable. It has been building for weeks. So why was the federal government so unprepared? Was the fix in? Was law enforcement just stupid? Do the Republican Senators and Congressmen that opposed the electoral certification think that they did not have a part in this attempted coup? Americans may be stupid, but hit over the head enough, they may come around.

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