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America's Culture Is What We Say It is

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

King George I
Ich bin dein König Via Wikipedia

Who was the last truly "British" king? There never was one actually. The original inhabitants of the British Isles (Britons), and their culture, were pretty much wiped out by the Romans by the 5th century AD. Even Alfred the Great (871-899) was an Anglo-Saxon (German inhabitants of Britain after the 5th century)...not a Briton. Ok then...who was the last Anglo Saxon King? How about Harold Godwinson (1066)...doesn't sound very "British"...because by then most of the Anglo-Saxon Kings were a mix of northern European ancestry. In 1066 the Normans (mix of French and Scandinavian) became the kings of England. The Norman line died out with Anne in 1707. So what did the "British" do then? Invited a German prince to be king, and hence the House of Hanover line, which exists to this day. They changed their name to Windsor during WWI due to sensitivities over the German sounding name, and in fact most of the British royals "anglisized" their names at the time. Battenberg was changed to Mountbatten. Diana often referred to the Windsors "as a bunch of jumped up European princes". So what's the point of all this? A country's culture is what people agree it should be.

In This County...

Trump Supporter
"Say Big Gulp Fred" Via Macleans

So what does any of this have to do with America? Unlike the British, we should not tolerate a bunch of brain dead mutants trying to tell the people what our American values should be. A jumped up grifter from Manhattan is the last person in the country that any American should look to for guidance on this county's culture. I would hope that a large portion of the 74 million cult members will come to their senses. Right now, there is a distinct difference of opinion among Americans on what our culture should be. The Trump cult is starting to resemble the 'lost cause" nobility of a bunch of loser crackers in 1865. Your leaders lost. Now you can either go in to some sort of long term the deep south did (and has never really recovered from), or you can get onboard with the majority of Americans.

Good Riddance Punk

Trump and Epstein
Ahh...The Good Ol Days... Via CNBC

The banshees have come to roost for the draft dodger. He can now head off to "Mar-A-Limpey" with the other fatbacks. In fact...he can go there for the holidays and never even return. Three ex-presidents never attended their successors inaugration...there is no requirement to do so...let this punk be the fourth. If he has his own competing hootenany...and they mention anything about a "rigged election", lock them all up for sedition...or just give them West Virginia...and call it a day.

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