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Trump Supporters Are Racists: No Judgement...Just Admit It!

"I Wish I Was In The Land Of Dentists" Via YouTube

Whether Trump himself is a true racist, or his vision of a segregated America is just a ploy to get votes, does not really matter. What does matter is the fact that he realizes that his racist vision has support in America. The problem with Trump, and his supporters, is that they are to chickenshit to admit it. If they are going to play the race card, go all in. Instead these swill mongers couch their drivel in border security...or jobs...or law and order. Trump's vision clearly involves segregated housing and schools. It's pretty close to George Wallace's vision, however, Trump is no George Wallace. When Wallace played the race card, he went all in. His supporters clearly agreed with him (he won four states as an independent candidate in the 1968 presidential election). There was nothing ambiguous about George Wallace and his supporters on race.

In Birmingham They Love The Governor

George Wallace
Not Welcome Here Via

So what does this mean? The MAGA crowd are the same reactionary dried out husks we had in the 1960's, however, unlike then, they are to stupid and cowardly to admit why they really support this grifter. These deadbeats have developed their own language to mask their true identities. NIMBY (Not in my backyard) sounds much better than racism or segregation. I would say they are disingenuous at best, but they are to dumb to understand what that means. I have yet to talk to a Trump supporter that can clearly articulate their position when it comes to Trump's racist vision. I understand they are ok with his mysogyny ("I just grab 'em by the pussy") and his pedophilia ("I would date my daughter"), since most of them probably think the same thing. I just don't get why they won't admit their support for the draft dodger's segregationist policies. I would actually respect them more if they did.

Drop The Bomb...Exterminate The Brutes

Trump and DeSantis
Barnum And Bailey Via Politico

We don't have a Trump problem in this country. We have a people problem. I can understand how dumbasses fell for this ass clown's swill in 2016. Americans are pretty stupid. However, if you are still supporting this guy now, after 3 1/2 years of his bile, then you are what you are and don't tell me otherwise.

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