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Trump Is A Murderer And Terrorist Leader

Willkommen In Amerikkka Via JDCArchives

I analyzed terrorist groups for over 10 years. I understand how they think, plan, execute and derive support for their organizations. First they create a grievance and obtain a following. Think Osama bin Laden and "American occupation of Saudi Arabia". Next, they obtain funding and resources in order to plan terrorist activity. Lastly, they execute their plan, usually against symbols of power, that result in civilian death, property damage and criminal warfare. Trump has created a grievance (fraudulent election), obtained a following, and weaponized his followers by inciting a march on the US Capitol, knowing full well what would happen. The result so far: A woman was killed...bombs were planted in government buildings...the capitol was enforcement was attacked. The last group to occupy the US Capitol...the British Army in 1814...during the War of 1812.

Trump Supporters Are Domestic Terrorists

Trump Terrorists
Banana Republic Via Ruidoso

Americans think of terrorists as guys with long beards brandishing automatic weapons. Not all terrorist supporters are bombmakers and shooters. The vast majority of a terrorist network are supporters. They provide the funding. They provide supporting comments and statements on social media. They provide support by remaining silent and not denouncing terrorism. It is pretty clear to me...anyone after today...that supports Trump...and does not denounce his a domestic terrorist. Pure and simple . A Trump supporter enables an agenda of murder...insurrection...a coup. The Nazi's had their "Kristalnacht"...a pogrom against the Jewish population. Trump supporters are no better than modern day brown shirts...who are willing to support a domestic terrorist trying to overthrow a democratically elected government.

Action Is Required

Domestic Terrorist Via WBUR

It is no longer OK to "accept" that domestic terrorists in this country will be tolerated. They need to be marginalized. Those that support Trump by providing money or social media favoritism are domestic terrorists.

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