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Traitor Trump Needs To Be Expelled Immediately

Trump and Arnold
Good Job Bro! Via PintsofHistory

Let's be clear...stalker Trump is a clear and present danger to the country. He should be treated like Osama bin laden or David Koresh or any other terrorist leader that intends to do harm to America. Any second he is left in office is unacceptable. Don't listen to deprogrammed cult members like Kelly or Bolton or Mattis.....they were gullible enough to fall for the stalker have a good life...dumbasses. Instead, listen to those leaders who are insisting that the stalker be removed any legal means possible. Don't listen to the folks that insist that there are responsible White House staff acting as "guardrails" against the stalkers aberrant behavior. This is hubris and swill...a US president has the authority to do many things...and no advisor or "cool head" can do anything about it. That's why they invented phones. Don't listen to the stalker himself...who gave a two minute hostage video...clearly under distress...mouthing words that meant nothing to him. It was a clear attempt by a deranged man trying to save himself from being abandoned by his cabinet or removed from office.

Do Not Forget

Capitol and Confederate Flag
I Wish I Were In The Land Of.. Via BusinessInsider

If you were appalled by the failed coup and domestic terrorists parading confederate flags in the US Capitol, let your displeasure be known at every opportunity. Insist on a full Warren Commission type investigation on how the US Capitol was so easily overrun. Insist on legal action against all criminal activity associated with the events of 6 January. This includes investigating all events leading up to the insurrection, those involved in the planning and those inciting the riot. While it's great to see pelt-wearing, horn-hat guy and the other dopes getting pinched for their behavior, insist that the ringleaders of the insurrection (Trump, Don Jr, Giuliani) also be be investigated and held accountable for their actions. Never forget that the 6 January insurrection was aided and abetted by other seditionist ringleaders like Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, six other Senators and 138 Congressmen. George Will of the Washington Post says it better than I can in his recent column:

"The Trump-Hawley-Cruz insurrection against constitutional government will be an indelible stain on the nation. They, however, will not be so permanent. In 14 days, one of them will be removed from office by the constitutional processes he neither fathoms nor favors. It will take longer to scrub the other two from public life. Until that hygienic outcome is accomplished, from this day forward, everything they say or do or advocate should be disregarded as patent attempts to distract attention from the lurid fact of what they have become. Each will wear a scarlet “S” as a seditionist."

All 147 of these miscreants are accessories to insurrection and will go down in history as such. Learn their names and remember.

Do Not Tolerate Criminal Behavior

Trump Rally
Make America White Again Via ABCNews

The name Trump will forever be associated with the likes of Benedict Arnold. Do not tolerate any discussion of Trump that does not include the fact he is a domestic terrorist leader and seditionist. If you are involved in a conversation where his name comes up, insist that you do not feel comfortable discussing an individual that is a threat to the nation. Remind individuals, that insist on discussing the "accomplishments" of Trump, that you need to excuse yourself, as they themselves are possibly committing a crime by expressing support for a terrorist leader. This country cannot accept any nobility attached to a lost cause, such as what happened after the US Civil War. Shut it down.

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