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Shed No Tears For Liz Cheney: She Comes From A Family Of Liars

Updated: May 14, 2021

Liz and Dick Cheney
Daddy Says They Have WMD's Via FoxNews

For the 2% percent of the population that gives a shit about Liz are a few things to consider. She was a vocal supporter of a previous "big lie"...namely the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that her batshit, crazy old man preached. She is also on record as saying that "enhanced interrogation techniques" were not torture. Hmmm...let me see. What would Liz or her fat-ass, draft dodger old man say after getting a little waterboarding? Not torture!? I'm not sure what goes on behind the walls of the Cheney residence...but neither of them would last 10 seconds. So before CNN...MSNBC and all the other swill mongers make her out as some sort of principled republican...perhaps they should remind their viewers of these facts. Her gripes with Trump seem personal...and that's fine....but if you are the third-ranking Republican in the don't do personal. She lost her job because either she is stupid....or she wanted to lose it.

Don't Be Fooled Either Way

Draft Dodgers
Get Some Guys! Via AngryLiberals

My advice is don't be fooled by Liz Cheney...or that fool Bush II...or any of the other woke Republicans that think that somehow their hands are clean on the rise of this creepy Trump cult. They were both present at the creation. Bush II was the warm-up act for Trump. He was the rodeo clown...the undercard. He got the evangelists all wound up with his on-the-wagon...born-again crap. He mobilized the fools that would eventually vote for Trump in 2016...and again in 2020. Liz Cheney is as conservative as they come...and make no mistake...anyone with half a brain does not want her to go any further. The bottom line is this...the Republican Party is a lost cause. All of them. Some may be worse than others...but they all represent values that are becoming more repulsive by the day. I don't buy this "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" game that Cheney, Romney, Kasich...and other Republicans are trying to pull over the electorate's eyes. They are dinosaurs and if they are truly sincere, should reject the party immediately. That goes for anyone that says "I'm a Republican...but don't support Trump"....sorry....that does not work for me anymore. These are the same people that created the conditions for Trump to do not listen to any of them now.

Clean Break Required

Liz Cheney
It's Only A Little Water Via FoxNews

This country cannot resort to choosing the lesser of two evils. Liz Cheney vs Donald Trump? They're both toads. Siding with "good" Republicans in a war with the Trump cult is so's time to exterminate the brutes.

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