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Let's Watch a Rocket Launch

Trump and weird orb conclave
Beats Working Via Wikipedia

1969 called. They want their space program back. They said Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Well, draft dodger in chief watches a rocket launch. A rocket launch? Really? What....his Lionel toy train set was not available? This country has been there...done that. Grown men...presidents...whatever...don't watch rocket launches when they have responsibilities. Like their country burning. I used to love rocket launches...when I was 10. mistake...he did make a comment today..."MAGA loves black people!" WT...F? That's the most tone-deaf mouthful of swill from a US president since Nixon tried to talk about football with those hippies at the Lincoln Memorial in 1970. "Yes...young man...this Cambodia thing do you think Texas will do this year?" Uh....what? He is not the only leader that has been a disappointment. In fact I would expect no less from him. However, where are all the Black leaders? Where is Hollywood and the recording artists? Where are the sports figures. Guess they have no comment. Or they are waiting to see how their bottom line may be affected...if they get Kaepernicke'd.

This Country Was founded by Violence

Boston Massacre
Boston Massacre Via StMuHistory

On 5 March 1770 there was a violent brawl between colonists and British soldiers in which 6 colonists were killed. You may have heard of it: The Boston Massacre. Colonists rioted over the presence and mistreatment by British soldiers. On 16 December 1773, 100 colonists boarded the British ship Dartmouth and threw 45 tons of tea in to Boston Harbor, now known as the Boston Tea Party. Yes....they destroyed property. Many people would say that America has evolved since then...we are not that violent country anymore....born in revolution. I would say that those people are mistaken. Destruction of property without purpose is wrong. Looting is wrong. However, we should not be surprised when riots happen in this country.

This Is The Easy Part

Detroit 1968
Detroit 1968 Via Washington Post

As horrific and damaging as the current riots are, property damage is easy to fix. Things can be rebuilt. However, if the conditions that led to the riots are not addressed, then it will just happen again. Cities burned in the 1960s, and I guess we figured mission accomplished after that period was over. Solving the problem this time will be even more difficult.

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