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Let's Go Joe...The Clock Is Ticking

Joe Biden
Joe Biden Via BayNews9

We are 36 days in to the Biden presidency...the wicked witch is...sort of what?Joe has reversed a lot of Trump's executive orders...great. This had to be done. Many of them were disastrous, such as the immigration policies. However, we don't elect presidents to rule by decree, which are what these policy decisions are. We elect presidents to enforce the law, protect the country, and use their bully pulpit to get legislation passed through congress. Presidential policies have no force of law and no funding attached. They can always be reversed by the next Obama did to Bush policies....Trump did to Obama policies...on and on. For better or worse, Trump was to lazy, stupid or incompetent to get much legislation passed during his disastrous tenure. Joe is a creature of congress, has both houses under Democratic control, and 23 months to push his legislative agenda. He needs to get to there is a high probability the Democrats could lose the House...Senate...or both in the 2022 midterm elections.

That's Not The Worst Of It Though

Kids with Big Gulps
Schools Out Via BusinessInsider

So we should all be optimistic about the future....right? I mean, we now have cooler heads in the White House, less daily turmoil and there has been a lot of positive change since last November. However, what has not changed? Us...Americans. Grand juries are still exonerating law enforcement that kill citizens...juries are still convicting and sentencing minority citizens at an alarming rate...while celebrities are given a pass. White supremacist militias are still allowed to operate under the nose of law enforcement and governors. Social media is still rampant with stolen election screeds...Americans are still stupid....and it will get our children have effectively lost a year of education...with pretty much a collective yawn in this country. So if education...domestic terrorism and racial equality are not important to Americans....then what is? Hell if I gas?....cup holders that can hold Big Gulps?...

What Are Our Values?

No Americans allowed
Your Lot Are Not Welcome Here Via Facebook

People tend to gravitate towards those that have similar values. So what do you do when a vast majority of the population around you...or the country you longer reflects your values? I don't know...Stevie Wonder is moving to Ghana. I've never been there, but one thing I do know, is that this country can no longer claim to be a beacon of opportunity or democracy...and there are lots of more attractive options out there...if they will allow you in.

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