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It's Time For The Manhattan Hillbillies to Leave


1. Implying a person who lacks culture or education.

2. A bigot or reactionary

3. Has a preference for female relatives

Trump Hillbillies
Squeal Like A Pig...For Donald Via TulawatAdvertiser

People are describing the current White House as a reality TV show...but they are's a fairly scripted production that we have all seen before...albeit...with a slightly modern twist. They may scrub up nice...but they are urban hayseeds put in a position of power...and voila...the hijinks begin. They are clearly out of their depth...they put their inbred swill on public display...and their fellow hayseeds love it. Instead of Jethro Bodine and Ellie Mae Clampett (Beverly Hillbillies)...we have Jared and Ivanka. While Jethro aspired to be a brain surgeon...we have Jared trying to bring peace to the Middle East. Ellie Mae had her "critters"...and Ivanka has her "fine jewelry" business interests. And then we have Oliver Wendell Douglas and Lisa Douglas (Green Acres) running the show. Add Fred Ziffle...Eb...Ms Hathaway as advisors....and there you go. And we wonder why this group couldn't manage a cornfield hoedown...let alone a country?

Nothing To See Here People

Trump and Ivanka
She's Mine Mister! Via BusinessInsider

Thankfully...the ratings seem to be slipping for this barnyard spectacle. Pa...lusting after the daughter...Ma swooning with the "vapors"...the son-in-law and his hare-brained no longer in fashion. There's a reason that "rural comedies" went out of fashion 50 years ago. This current version....whatever the hell you want to call it...needs to end now! It's not funny anymore...if it ever was. These clever-by-half grifters may have conned their way to the White House...but enough. Those assclowns in Lansing...Omaha...Phoenix that support this depraved circus need to switch channels...maybe watch "Cops" reruns or something. That way they can get their "law enforcement beating the shit out of shirtless teenagers" fix...and therefore still feel good about themselves.

Change Channels

Green Acres cast
Trump Cabinet Meeting Via CloserWeekly

So for those of you that are ok with a racist...misogynist...pedophile...rapist...grifter occupying the White House...I guess you are who you are. All I ask is that maybe you consider tuning out the hootenanny we have endured for the last four years...because it's boring and dated...if nothing else. I'm not sure what the Biden show will look like...but it will be different than the shrill and repulsive display we have had to endure recently. And by the way...that rumor that Biden plans on eliminating the sale of Big Gulps is fake news...he knows how important those are to the cult members. Everyone has a right to a 600 calorie drink, with no nutritional value, in this country. The rumor has been traced to a "troll farm" in Slovenia...Slovenia? Wait a minute...

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