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Hey Joe...Get Off Your Ass!

Joe Biden and Gun Control
This Is A National Tragedy...blah...blah Via CNN

I had to wake up this morning seeing Sleepy Joe "comforting" the country for yet another mass shooting in...yawn...who the hell knows where...or cares. "This will not stand"...."we need to ban assault rifles"...."We need better background checks"...."Congress needs to"...blah...blah...blah. Ok fulfilled your "consoler in chief" obligation. Now get your ass to work.! This country is not interested in any sort of gun control legislation...and never has been. You need to utilize what's left of your 20th century brain capacity and start addressing a couple of things ASAP...namely the Mexican border and the U.S. presence in Afghanistan.

The Buck Stops Here

Mexican Border Wall
Give Me A Hand Joe... Via NYTimes

Since Joe is a 20th century creature, he should go for that sort of Truman frontier gibberish. Well the border is no different. There is no excuse for conditions at the border to have worsened since Biden took office. None. He was not set up for success...but if there is anything that should have been planned was this. The only reason his mouthpiece is not calling it a crisis, is because the issue has been as clear as day....for months....years. A crisis is a natural disaster...mass shooting....Jupiter colliding with Mars. The only crisis at the border is the Biden administrations ineptitude. This country has enough crises without creating our own. I have not seen anything yet from this administration that tells me that they know what the hell they are doing at the border. They need more time you say?! This is the goddamn US government we are talking about know the guys that put a man on the moon over 50 years ago...I think...then again the Nazi's did help us with that.

Peace With Honor...Afghanistan?

LBJ and McNamara
We Are Not About To Send American Boys... Via RealClearDefense

Speaking of 20th century frontier about that doozy. This was the Nixon spin on US withdrawal from Vietnam. The Trump administration said all 2,500 troops remaining in Afghanistan would be withdrawn by 1 May 2021. What will Joe do? He was recently compared by a columnist to LBJ as a "transformational progressive reformer." Hmmm. I'm not sure any president wants to be compared to Johnson...especially if the comparison is a looming reluctance to disengage from a conflict that has no national interest...which is what Afghanistan is right now. This is not 2001. Or 2007. There is no terrorist threat emanating from say...there is from northern Michigan. The Taliban are not known for their favorable treatment of women....but at least they admit it. Americans just say they do...and then fail to protect women with hate crime laws (like other countries do) or pay them less for the same work as men. Bottom line: We do not keep American forces in counties that have poor's unfortunate for those that live there...but just not a US national interest.

Get Some Crank Joe

Hunter Thompson
Try some Adenochrome Joe.. Via DenverPost

There are rumors that during his final days, Trump was on some old school, powerful pharmaceutical grade amphetamines known on the street as "crank". This turned him in to a high-functioning maniac of course....but also had him wired for anything. Perhaps Joe needs to procure some of these and get his head in the game. I'm sure the White House doc has a connection.

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marge k.
marge k.
Apr 25, 2021

RE: Gun control. It is a waste of time because Americans DON'T want it. Americans love guns and always have. If the majority of its citizens wanted to get rid of guns it would have happened. I don't own a gun and live in an open carry state. What's a mother to do???

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