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Dear White People: Stop Being Dumbasses

Trump Rallly
Cheer If You Like Big Gulps! Via Indianz

It seems like I just wrote something about this recently...white people saying and doing stupid things. It's getting to the point that I'm about to write off large portions of the population as being to dumb to spend any more of my time watching or listening to them.

Where Have You Been....Really?

Beavis And Butthead
Izzo And Dantonio Via Looper

Dumbass #1: Tom Izzo. Michigan State University men's basketball coach. This genius recently said he was unaware that Kaepernick was kneeling to protest police brutality? Really? Good question Tom. Where have you been you ask? How about losing to crappy teams like Middle Tennessee State in the first round of the NCAA playoffs? How about losing to basketball powerhouse Texas Tech in the Final Four? Jeez. This guy is the head coach at a major university...with primarily black players...and just now he has this realization...? Well...he is from Iron Mountain...maybe that explains it. Maybe he should go join his pal Dantonio.

Dumbass #2: The Entertainment Industry: Now all these geniuses like Tina Fey and Jimmy Kimmel are coming out saying they were wrong to wear blackface in some of their shows. Now...I have never seen anything by Jimmy Kimmel, or really know who he is. I heard he was another late night talk show dope, the likes of which have been boring people to sleep since Jack Paar first started in 1962. I have also never watched an episode of 30 Rock, so I have never actually seen what they are talking about. However, in what world was wearing blackface ever acceptable...especially after like...1938? I don't know where the hell some of these ass clowns are from...but I think I was 12 when I became aware of how offensive blackface was. So why are they bringing it up now? Who knows? Perhaps they are doing it before someone else brings it up first. Or maybe now they are just realizing it was offensive in the first place. Or maybe they are just to stupid to be in the entertainment business...which is really saying something.

Stop The Madness

Planet of the Apes
The Tall One looks Dumb And Strong Via Brittanica

What's the solution then? Education....Education...Education...and I'm not just talking about institutions of higher learning. Educate yourselves now and then. Understand your environment. Be observant. Pay attention to how others respond to events...particularly those that do not look like you. Homo sapiens originally mastered their environment and as a result became the most successful species of all time. I fear that we have now created an environment that we are not smart enough to truly understand. Perhaps another better equipped species may take over..unless we stop being stupid.

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