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Americans: You Get What You Elect

“The government you elect is the government you deserve.”

Thomas Jefferson

Richard Nixon
I Have A Secret Plan...Trust Me Via Politico

Old Tom was always good for a decent quote when he was not chasing brown sugar. In a democracy, you only have yourself to blame when your elected officials do not perform to your satisfaction. Now we already know, Americans are generally stupid, so it should be no surprise that people get frustrated when that occurs, but it has always happened in this country. Did Nixon ever give any indication that he was a truthful individual? He still won in landslide in 1972. By the way, I am also a member of this dumb American category (and trying to claw my way out). I attended public schools; a public university, but was never content to stop learning. One thing I do know, however, is that the first stage of self-realization is to understand the problem. That is what Americans have to face. The grifter in chief did not take control in a beer hall putsch; you elected his dumb ass! Mitch McConnell does not control the jellyfish field, better known as the Senate, because he was appointed. You elected a Republican majority! So now, when things get a little crazy, you blame the players, and not the game. Yes, the players are ass clowns, but they won the game because you were to dumb to understand the rules.

Understand The Problem

Trump and Wall
Hey MAGA Folks...How's That Going? Via YouTube

So now that we understand the problem (you get what you elect), address it! Instead, Americans love to whine about the symptom. Trump is a narcissistic, racist, self-serving pedophile...what a surprise...he acts exactly like one would expect from a person like that. He is unable to respond to any crisis...he divides the country...he has ruined America's reputation (which is what again exactly?)...he loves fellow elites...he is dare he! What in 2016...led any American.. to think any this dope's current behavior would be any different? Oh...and the Republican controlled Senate is stacking the federal court with judges...and...will confirm a Supreme Court an election year! dare they! You elected a Republican controlled the hell did you think they were going to act!? Again...don't blame the player...they played the game...won...and are doing exactly what we should expect.


Trump Supporters
Stepford Americans Via Tremr

Now, I know that in America, elections are not the only tool available to express discontent. Protests, civil disobedience and riots are all long traditions in this country. While they can have some effect at the local and state level, they rarely have much effect at the federal level...or if they do...take a long time. Violent racial riots and anti-war protests in the 1960's did little to change anything in this least in the short term. So while protests are a great democratic tool, they are no substitute for elections. The bottom line is that unless those in power (elected officials) choose to listen to these voices, they are pretty much futile gestures. Some of the current protests over immigration policies and racial injustice, are well intentioned, and I support them whole-heartedly. But it has become increasingly apparent, that in this country, the only real change will come via elections. So while I also will criticize those in power for their dumbassery, I am under no illusion that it has any effect on those currently in power.

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