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Americans Are To Stupid To Reconcile Their Differences

"The lowest form of conversation always begins with "what about".

D. Kapaun

Beavis and Butthead
" sucks.... Via TheHoneyCombers

I have tried...God knows I have tried. I have attempted to engage with my fellow Americans on a number of topics, and have failed miserably. I have written about this before, but here we go again: Americans are to stupid to reconcile their differences due to a poor educational system and an inability to communicate. The greatest threat to this nation is not extremism, racism or an unequal distribution of wealth. Those are just causes and all solvable. The greatest threat to America is a poorly educated population, which results in an inability to address differences and solve problems.

Can We Talk About This?

Black and white students talking
How about that Dred Scott Decision? Via VeryWellMInd

With social media, Americans of all backgrounds can post their thoughts for all to see. That doesn't mean they should. I have suggested to people that they consider looking at their local community college and taking some courses in critical thinking and deductive logic. If they truly want to make their concerns known, they should understand how to develop a premise, formulate an argument and draw a conclusion. They should know the difference between primary and secondary sources. They should know the definition of terms like facts, opinions and mainstream media. I have seen people equate Nazi's with Stalin...communism with goes on and on. I am not blaming these individuals for their lack of education...however...anyone can march their dumb ass to a local college and improve themselves...if they really want to... or take an online class.

Civics 101

US Constitution
Pretty Good Read Folks Via TimeMagazine

Americans are also stupid with respect to their understanding of the Constitution as well. Many of the arguments they try to make indicate a poor understanding on how a democratic republic is organized and governed. Here is a sample 20 question US civics test that all immigrants must pass as part of the process in becoming a US citizen. Every American should easily get them all correct. The Constitution is bigger than any one person...or office...and should be the reference point for Americans to have a dialogue on their differences. Every American citizen should have a copy of the Constitution available...and maybe even read it occasionally. Until then...Americans can continue to flap their gums and sound stupid.

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